Discover the Premier Weed Dispensary at Roswell, NM!

From seasoned cannabis connoisseurs to medical patients and recreational users, everyone agrees that finding a reliable weed dispensary is a gamechanger. Welcome to Pecos Valley Production, your trusted and premier cannabis dispensary located in Roswell, NM. With an impeccable selection of high-quality strains, our emphasis on premium service and education, we guarantee an unmatched experience to all our customers.

Convenient Locations In and Around Roswell

Situated both in the heart of Roswell and at the strategic location of Border Hill, NM, you’ll find our dispensaries easily accessible. Whether you’re a local or a visitor, Pecos Valley Production remains one of the most sought-after dispensaries serving the NM area. To locate your nearest branch, simply search for a “dispensary near me” and choose Pecos Valley Production for exceptional cannabis products.

From aromatic dried cannabis flowers to edibles, tinctures, pre-rolls, and topicals, we boast an extensive menu encompassing a variety of innovative cannabis products. What sets us apart from other providers is our strong commitment towards quality and excellence, ensuring that we stock only the finest selections.

Medical Marijuana and Recreational Cannabis

Our dispensary also caters to medical marijuana patients, providing them with a range of cannabis products specifically designed for medicinal use. To assist with selection, expert staff are happy to guide you through your more personalised needs to ensure you choose the right product.

Simultaneously, recreationally stoked users will rejoice in our collection of recreational cannabis. Just imagine the luxury of legally walking into a dispensary and being greeted by shelves full of a range of sativa, indica, and hybrid strains!

Experience the Pecos Valley Production Difference

Come experience our commitment to exceptional customer service and the passion we put in each order. At Pecos Valley Production, our primary goal is to provide the public with the highest quality marijuana products, paired with the knowledge to use them responsibly and effectively.

Only a few places can match the quality and customer-centric approach we offer at our dispensaries in Roswell. Next time you’re looking for a pot dispensary in Roswell, NM or around Border Hill, look no further than us! We promise to elevate your cannabis experience, one visit at a time.