Hey guys

So my mate went out in London a few weeks ago and took 1 pill of MXP. First time he took it so didn't know much about it. He was only after something that would keep him buzzing all night and possibly all morning after at an after party. The MXP did not do this. It was far too intense and not nice to do in a crowded place like a club in London. At some points he was scared and proper panicking. It proper messed with his head. A few years back me and him took NEG-3 in London and that wasn't as bad as the MXP as the NEG-3 was more controllable.

In a couple of months time we will be going to London again for our Christmas do and am trying to find something to do that is not as intense and trippy as the MXP but more buzzing and energy produced product to keep us partying through the night and into the next morning.

Can you guys help us out and suggest some products to read about and possibly order in?

Thanks in advance.