Hello I just wanted to tell you guys that for this past month of oct. 2014 i have been fucking up.. i been smoking on herbal incense again , The only incense brand i trust is Mr Kosh which i bought from. I went through a spree of smoking Mr.Kosh regular blend. ordered 28grams of regular Mr kosh, for almost every 30mins that passes, i would end up smoking a bowl of at least 5 bigs hits.. its very addicting, i would smoke 4 grams a day . i would wake up 2-3 times nightly in middle of the night just to smoke so it can put me back to sleep. at this moment i am in recovery mode right now, Although i enjoy the Mr Kosh high alot, i wouldnt want to ever go back to spice again and this time I am sure of it. I said to myself that it was only going to be a treat not an everyday thing but it turned to worse than what i expected, It had me smoking it every hourly . The withdraw/ side effects im feeling right now is just not worth it! I am glade i didnt order the stronger stuff cause that would of probaly been harder to overcome the withdrawl.