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    Tried Clockwork Orange a few months back had tried a few legal highs e.g. Black Mamba, Muzzy, AK-47 but nothing prepared me for Clockwork Orange, It's the spawn of the devil himself. me and a few of my friends smoked a few joints between us, there were no visuals whatsoever except maybe everything seemed a lot greyer, but it was insanely heavy on the head, its hard to describe the actual thought process it made me go through exactly but basically it made me feel an overwhelming sense of shame and guilt about myself. it made me feel small and insignificant like I was a child. I then spent what felt like the next few days thinking about what I used to think were high points in my life but instead realising that they were meaningless and I'd never really done anything with my life I then came round to thinking that the reason these things didn't matter anymore was because I didn't exist, and I genuinely believed it.I then spent the last of this Hell I was trapped in wrapped round the toilet silently crying and waiting for my head to stop throbbing. Finally I came round to find not only that I'd only been high for around an hour but also one of my friends hiding in another room also nearly in tears, another one wrapped in a ball in the corner with a duvet over their head, and another one standing in the middle of the room pale white looking like he'd just been told his mother had died. Seriously, haven't been the same since. Don't go there.

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    I recently had a terrible experience on a legal high called ‘pandoras box’. I have never done herbal highs before but i am no stranger to normal drugs but i have never experienced anything like this before. I feel i need to write it down, discuss and warn people about this drug to come to terms with what happened.

    It started with me and a group of friends sat in the garden. A joint was handed around before we all were planning to go to bed as we were up early in the morning to go to a theme park the next day. We were under the impression it was just natural pot so we were not prepared for what was was about to happen. As the joint went around before it got to me, it was making the group go quite and after i had inhaled i was aware something was wrong. Time started to slow down and i felt sick and petrified. There were odd comments from the group saying “this is strong” that i could hear. I then was running between boxes in my head trying to find the spaces between the boxes. I felt i was moving like a robot and felt if i stopped moving i was going to fall and lose control and sink into a black hole. We decided to go inside as we were all trying not to freak out so we did. As i got inside i was filled with terror and panic and just kept saying “i must keep moving”. My friends were having a bad time also experiencing similar affects. I then started to lean against the window and i felt i was pushing this demon out of my body. It was rushing in through my mouth and past my body and i felt i was holding on to my sanity! I eventually turned round to face the group and i was then getting waves of this now. I felt there were layers to this and i couldn't take control. I then all of a sudden couldn't stop crying for no particular reason. It didn't come from my fear i felt as it was so sudden. It just happened and then suddenly stopped. I was saying things like “ does it go forwards or backwards?” “is it lighter now”. My body was starting to spasm as i stood up which i just ignored. I was trying to keep calm. Everyone else was explaining they were having very similar experiences but not as strong as i had taken more. I was convinced i was going to die and that this devil or something dark was coming for me. It slowly wore off after about 90 mins and i didn't sleep at all that night and felt quite numb the next day.

    In the morning i was then told what we had smoked. I researched it and the picture on the packet was what i experienced. The boxes in my mind and the picture of the demon with long arms coming to get me ( i didn't see that image in my trip but the sense of a demon like the one in the picture on the packet)

    Has anyone else had this type of experience on pandoras box? can anyone tell me what happened to my brain? i feel affected by experience and need to make sense of it.

    I want to warn everyone about this legal substance Pandoras box. Stay well clear!!!!

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    That's actually pretty mild compared to what happened to me a few weeks ago. First I injured myself & needed some outpatient surgery. I was instructed to report for pre-screening where my blood pressure was taken & found to be fine. I ran out of my usual blend that evening & reported back for surgery three days later only to find that my blood pressure had Doubled. Now instead of my surgery I was confined to a private room in the cardiac unit and put on 24 hr heart watch. Then I was given 4 dif meds to lower my pulse & runaway heart rate. My blood pressure is still messed up, but is now much lower than it was that night, and I am still using 3 dif meds
    I loved using blends for the last couple of years & It helped me get through some very troubling situations in my life, but I wanna tell All Of You
    Smoking Weed will Never screw up your blood pressure nor will it permanently affect your mind, wish I could say the same for blends, but it would be a fat fucking lie.
    Quitting Blends Now will significantly aid your body. I understand that many folks don't have the option of using weed & cannot simply switch, so I
    wish you poor blenders the best of luck. The time I spent using blends I was under the impression that they were much safer than any narcotic-That was a false assumption on my part. The only reason why the chems used in blends are available is that the government has not yet had a chance to schedule them. Little to nothing is known about them-ie they are research chems and should not be researched with on humans.
    To those of you with few other options for recreation, please be careful
    you can always take more but can never un-take once you have ingested
    Peace out MF'ers

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