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Thread: THE 5-Meo-DALT most potent method of administration questionaire/ info

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    Default THE 5-Meo-DALT most potent method of administration questionaire/ info

    ever since finding this in a otc product i wanted a accurate dosage/ MOA to provide all it has to offer, and i for me and everybody is different i have found mine, it works well with pure RC grade and that otc product capsule of powder....... most reports iv'e seen have talked about parachuting as their ROA, thats cool but i wanted to find out if 5- meo -dalt had a super rapid onset like vaped dmt. so 45mg (98.9% purity) was loaded into a pipe( inert oregano first then 5-meo, then more oregano, then the bulk of the rest of the 5-meo then a final VERY THIN COVER OF OREGANO. exhaled all the air in my lungs and sucked very lightly not allowing the flame to touch the leaf matter, it combusted an beat the whole bowl, allowing the burnig vegitable matter to vape the 5-meo-dalt...not burn it,BEFORE i could even exhale i was blasted at lightspeed into tryptamine heaven, the onset was as fast as dmt and was just as intense but lacked the alien entity/ visual destruction that dmt provides, insted i got the tryptamine body buzzing couldnt talk or walk, i was fully weather i liked it or not emersed in a super intense body numbing insanity that is definitly on par with how rapid dmt comes on and faster than salvia comes on, there were color enhancement, things seemed to swirl and look alien, like i could not understand that i was just sitting down in my friends boat, everything vissually vibrated, and GAVE ME THE OOOO FUCK THIS WAS wat more than i thought so intense so rapid so intricate the detail of everything, it seemed as if 90 mile an hour winds were blasting past me, this all lasted 10 minutes but seemed like hours, and with DALT came the nausea set in after the 15 minute mark, this is what i was wanting froma tryptamine not some unprofound boring waste of time, vaporizing gives you every aspect of vaped dmt accept the total annihilation of visual imagery,( swirly colors moving and walkng inanimate objects were absent, but this wpould be a great introduction to somebody apprehensive about vapeing dmt, as you get the complete loss of ego, real thoughts, in fact all i could do was sit there and enjoy it i was incapacitated, all worries,anxiety, emotion in general was put on pause there was a body load but i was so distracted i did not care. so add a slight more physical element an extreame visuals and this would have been just like a dmt trip, come-up:1-2 seconds/peak:3seconds and for the next 4-7 minutes/ and comedown at 15 minutes roughly, either people are expecting this to be dmt or 5-meo-dmt, or dpt, but strangely it had aspects from all of the standard trypts: a cluster fuck of auditory/(visual enhancement) like MDMA/ketamine combo vision with true hallucinations randomly popping up, there was mushroom like visuals but the rest of the trip was just to enveloping to stare at a particular area although i could not move my eyes when it first hit / physical.... if you have not been getting shit out of this chem your either burning it not vapeing of plugging,oral,snorting,sublingual. this methode was as intense as i would ever want it to be, and the otc stuff gave similar results @ 1/4th the cap arranged in the fassion above, sadly i have no more 5-meo-dalt or the otc source, it was fun while it was around, hope something like 4-ho-dpt will be next , not the NBOMe's( although beggars cant be choosers) i would love to stick with shulgins classics... by the way i always thought cubensis mushrooms(4-HO-DMT) is the perfect @ low doses introduction into the tryptamine world, and now 5-MEO-DALT is a good intro to tryptamine hyperspace, thats what i was looking for tryptamine hyperspace, and it did come on harder than vaped 4-HO-DMT crystals extracted from psilocybe cubensis but not more visual or lenghthy, anybody else got some ideas or questions.
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