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    For what it's worth I was going to say nothing and let nature takes its course it seems however that some people cant leave things alone and I feel justified in having my say at least. If people believe it or not I really dont care too much but its been cathartic writing it all down. I wasn't sure where I was going to post it but this seems as good a place as any given as to how there seems to be some wild speculation. For the record I'm a 40 year old woman whom I doubt anyone would want to fight over....

    I dont know who might be interested in this - to be honest until I saw JGG mans post I was going to retire hurt and lick my wounds but for what it’s worth here is my side of the UKFL story.

    As you pretty much all know I left the forum a few weeks ago. I left though my own choice for some very personal reasons and some reasons that I will share.

    As most of you know when Greg took over the forum there were a few negative responses I tried to remain impartial and ask members to give Greg a chance based on what I knew about Greg which was zero at that point.

    In the main people were positive and took the sale of the forum in good faith, however the first sign of any problems was Seejay, immediately negative and condemning Feed for selling the site and making many many assumptions about Greg. Running UKFL had become harder and harder for Feed, myself and the rest of the team who had tried to shoulder some of the day to day running pressures, but behind the scenes the workload had become increasingly greater and more stressful. All I personally wanted at this point was everyone to give Greg a fair crack of the whip and some time to see what was going to happen. No one is denying a vendor owning the forum is far from ideal but the reality was this was the position.,

    Seejay and I had fallen out about a deleted thread off the UKFL forum without repeating history the thread was gone it was a mistake, we are human and we err..... Moving on Seejay had taken such umbridge he moved straight into IRC and began a personal attack on me even though he had got more than fifty percent of his facts wrong,. I had a work related incident that caused me to be away from the PC for nearly 24 hours which was unavoidable, however this was unacceptable to Seejay and his attack on me continued, Ok I can understand if I had deleted the B2 thread or some major TR thread how many people would have been annoyed it was a damn spangled mistake even I dont really know how I did it. As soon as was possible I apologised to Seejay but still his attack continued - this in my opinion was so out of proportion it was ridiculous.

    Time moves on and many of you will have been party to mine and seejays very public argument in the shoutbox of UKFL, I was annoyed that Seejay had seen the new ownership as an unjustified reason to start taking Greg apart, I just wanted everyone to give the new owner a chance and then if any of the conjecture was founded then fair enough but Seejay came in with an immediately negative attitude which I felt was unfair and unjustified.

    During that very public and regrettable argument Greg contacted me and offered me ten ehappy pills to apologise publicly to Seejay for my outburst, He told me also at this time he had agreed to send Seejay 5 Ehappys and a gram of MXE. My reply to Greg was you could offer me 10,000 pills and I would still not apologise. Shortly after this I left the site. I then was told Seejay had miraculously posted a positive report about the pills - am I really only the person that did not note Seejays turnaround so quickly? It grieves me that this happened so much so I no longer wished to be part of a forum that breeds this type of dishonest behaviour. To each his own, and maybe Seejay who was slating Greg and his branded product had a revelation - i somehow doubt it.

    After I had left the site Greg contacted me and said he felt he had made a connection with me and could we continue communicating, he asked me to reconsider coming back to the site but I held to my principles and said no. Texts were exchanged between Greg and myself I am not going to deny that I pointed out to Greg on several occasions that I was a forty year old woman and he was a good deal younger than me were the texts of a flirty nature I would say not but thats my interpretation. Many of you that know me from UKFL will know I often used to use femininity to try and diffuse any awkward or tense situations on the site, if there was a testosterone based argument going on I would approach it from female perspective to diffuse it this may have been construed as flirty but it was purely a technique to diffuse tension. I would suggest that Greg is very young and misinterpreted my manner as flirtatious.

    After Greg's admission in the shoutbox of this he then sent me flowers to apologise for his comments. This part was also true and indeed I did thank him for them, that also led to us talking again, this conversation was last Wednesday where he told me the forum had become too stressful for him to deal with and his business and that he had sold the forum to chems2u. All of my worst nightmares came true in that sentence,. I asked him if he had told Feed and he said no, my response was you need to tell him out of courtesy and he promised he would. I was absolutely tormented by this information, the very situation Feed had tried to avoid was a reality now. When I questioned Greg about the sale his words were "its too late the money has gone through"

    The situation i was faced with do I keep a confidence to Greg or to Feed? If Feed had found out down the line I knew Greg had sold the forum on and not told him I risked losing my friendship with Feed, and if I told Feed I was breaking a confidence to Greg. Greg had asked me not to tell Feed and that he would. Twenty four hours later no effort by Greg had been made to contact Feed so I told him what Greg had told me. I also said to Feed this could be a test/game by Greg just to see how much information I pass to you.

    There has been huge speculation as to my friendship with Feed, and all I can tell anyone undoubtedly during the reign of UKFL Feed and I probably communicated a great deal. however as some of you will know Feed is in a very happy relationship with the lovely mrs feed and I am in the process of rebuilding a relationship with someone I deeply care about even though some out there think differently….and that some have tried scupper with unkind rumours and half truths. For all of Gregs supposition he is wrong about any jealously that Feed may have of him. Feed and I are friends as I am with many other male members of the UKFL site.

    Greg had been fed lots of bits of information by lots of different people about me, unfortunately the bits of the puzzle didnt quite fit together and its my belief that the message Greg posted after Feed had sent out the group message (which I had nothing to do with and knew nothing about other than telling Feed what I had been told) was a direct retaliation against me for blowing the whole new owner scenario into the public eye.

    I still believe the forum is not back because it has thrown Greg and chems2u's plans into a spiral descent and that was what was told to me last Wednsesday the truth.

    I did not deserve to be character assassinated and neither did Feed or indeed any of the other admins. What was sent out by greg was unfounded and untrue, I would welcome Greg to come forward and tell me the names of the 3 people I have text flirted with aside from him as i am as interested to know who they are as anyone else. Back up your accusations with facts please Greg, I have logs of all the texts I have exchanged with Greg and also PM';s and Gtalk logs. Remember I was an admin of the UKFL site, there is more than one back up of the DB.

    Sorry for the length of this message and mostly thank you to JGG man for inspiring me to write this.


    Text was written last night before the forum came back up
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    Since writing this a lot of things have come to want forum enders your going to get it I'm not going to rest now until everyone that wants to know the truth gets this space after everything thats been said about me I actually feel I have nothing left to lose right now.....

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