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Thread: "Herb Incense" - A Review

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    Default "Herb Incense" - A Review

    Hello, the other day I decided to buy the ultimate strength "Herb Incense" for 25 off a website, today I received it and noted what I thought as I went on. To make sure we're talking about the same thing here, this is the packaging -

    Here were my thoughts:

    Package is large, closer to 5g than the 3.5g I was expecting; much bigger than I would have thought. The packing itself is a silver sealed bag that you rip open, after doing so inside there's a rather large resealable bag, as with most other incenses.

    The smell is (before smoking), well, pungent. It's a very strong, grassy earthy smell (maybe with a hint of lavender?). Although it's the best smelling incense I've ever had it's not (in my opinion) the same smell as the real thing. To me this is much more plant-y and floral, although it still smells nice.

    It looks, much like the real thing. It's not in buds, rather a ground green substance that in my opinion looks the real deal, or at least I would pass it. There are a few dark green leaves visible but mainly it's a lighter green powdery mush.

    Texture (before smoking), soft and fluffy, and most defiantly powdery. This is the most powdery incense I've ever had the misfortune to to roll, but I still like it... Of course, none of this matters if the smoke is rubbish. Actually, looking back at what I said, this stuff was quite easy to roll.

    Dosage: I really can't say, I don't have the scales or the knowledge to know how much I put in my joint but it was a pure joint 40mm in length and about 7.5mm in diameter. So not huge but big enough for me (when it's pure). Having said this however, I could only take about 1/4 of this joint before I was gone and couldn't smoke more through fear of dying.

    The smoke itself has a floral, smooth and pleasant feel to it. It doesn't smell much like the real deal (again) but is a new smell, not offensive at all. After the first pull I felt a nice wave of goodness, satisfying. This continued for a few pulls and before I knew it I was gone, completely: This stuff is strong!

    Here's something I took the time to write whilst under -

    "I feel seriously in a different world. The typing thing is still there other me!. erm, well it's actually crazy. Very VERY trippy and very VERY strong. High paranoia but I'm trying to forget that.."

    'The Typing Thing' is something I only get with incense, never with the real thing. It's where when I start to type, I'm completely consumed by it, it's really confusing. I do remember this being a very trippy high, visuals were 'slow' and things seemed more complex. Also this is a very strong blend, perhaps too strong for my tastes. And of course, as I wrote there is a high potential for paranoia, I over-came it but I had to remind myself there's nothing to fear. Very creative high too, my mind was constantly flipping through thoughts about various things, again not to everyones tastes but I was okay.

    So the overall verdict on the high itself is hard to say for me, very strong so not always what I'd want but okay in moderation. It is very moreish, you will want more...

    In the end the entire 'high' was about 40 minutes and the come down, well, I still feel it now, let me explain that.

    After the 40 minutes you get this feeling, I again took the time to write what I was feeling:

    "My eyes are heavy and I feel tired, don't feel 'right' but it's not horrible, I'm off to have a lie down and enjoy the music, need a rest. Verdict at the moment? Okay I guess, very strong."

    I ended up falling asleep for a couple of hours, I woke up and still feel as if my eyes are heavy and I've had a smoke, you can tell. The comedown isn't pleasant but you can ignore it if you try hard enough. Also a slight headache, which I hate.

    Hope this review's okay and I hope it's not too long! This was my first experience with Herb Incense, I will post on here for my second experience too and also say then whether I would buy it again, until then though, bye!

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    very accurate review.

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    Excellent description, I had something similar

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