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03-27-2012, 09:17 PM
I having ordered anything off the Internet for a while. Pretty much stopped after nothing was living up to the charge days. However I randomly started looking at all the research chemical sites that are popping up left right and centre! I got curious and ordered a gram of 5iai from a site last week. What I didnt know is that ALOT of these research chemical websites are just completely fake and just fronts for dodgy geasers to make easy money. Don't be fooled a nice looking website, no matter how professional it looks or how well it reads. The point of this thread and my reason for signing up to this forum was just to vent my recent frustration with a scam site I'd recently com across and for anyone else to list any other dodgy sites that they may have had bad experiences with. Hopefully in turn building a list of websites that we should all completely avoid. I'l start off by letting you know that the following site is a complete fake! And I'l also leave my review for mh product I'd supposedly ordered! The site is.
Everyone avoid this website at all costs! My review ia as follows.
Complete fake vendor and total scam website. First of all you will not get your order. 2nd you can email as many times as you like and not get any response at all. 3rd you ring and ring and a guy will fob you off as quick as possible then you will get some crazy bird sending you dodgy messages about how she loves your voice and sayin she can speed your order up but shel get in trouble..................what the fuck!!! 4th you realise you've just been screwed over and the whole site is a scam. Don't do it! I'l make it my priority over the next few weeks to get the site fucked over and put the word out that it's a fake so you all don't get scammed! Never known anythin like it!
Hope this has at least helped someone and we can start building a good list of cam sites! Many thanks!

03-31-2012, 11:15 AM
Building a list of scam site has already been created and practiced!saveOrScam is a life ssaver.