View Full Version : Groove ? Has anybody tried these

03-18-2012, 06:19 AM
Ok I posted wrong about groove I called it move ,,I guess it really messed me up..lol Anyway did it few days ago wasnt feeling good did it on totally empty stomach took 2 like recommended dosage felt so damn lousy for like 6 hrs never felt that terrible couldnt wait for it to get out of my system even forced myself to puke to get it out of my system a bit

Figuring i shouldnt of took two on empty stomach i tried the next day and only 3/4 of one pill so way less then the 2 rec dosage and still felt lousy just not as long ... like 3 hrs ..Granted was still sick and had bad bacterial infection if that had anything to do with it not sure

Got on anti biotics today already feeling much better would love to try these again but very hesitant im thinking maybe i felt like crap fromn them cause the infection though i really dont know if that would do it maybe the pills n may just don't agree

Anybody try Groove?

03-25-2012, 12:02 AM
lmao you felt like crap and the shit made you sick,but you're asking if you should try it again or not???

Bull were you the one that loved the am-hi-co pills??? Cause if you are ....

03-25-2012, 03:20 AM
No, I asked about am hi alot of you liked it and then got alot of responses that said they suck ...I ordeer from them only cause they sem to be the quickest and reliable company as far as delivery but i tried a few diffrent pills of theirs i found onlky two that were good the rest garbage

As to the groove did you not read what I posted I been really sick and then on anti biotics and took first dose on way empty stomach so figured trhat might havew been why that is why i asked if anybody tried them to see if it might be because i was so sick ..But amy opinion now i could careless whether anybody says there good cause then i got a bad batch ,..Ya want them??...lol

03-25-2012, 03:50 AM
May owe you an apology FLA ...just got an order from pep pills which i believe is the same as am hi ...Opened it up now and booyah the doves origional which was the one of the only two i liked is now tottally difd. looking how can it be the same pill the last 3 times i got it , it was always offish white and slightly bigger then their usual other pills , but not only size is diff but the color is wayyyyy off or diff. its now blue as opposed to off white .... WTF ..Cannot be the samne thing , what do they just package anything ?

03-25-2012, 04:05 AM
Bull no need to apologize to me..

Ok when you say doves you mean am-hi-co right? Not the lu doves?(heard lu doves suck as well)
e-pep pills are made by am-hi-co that is a fact..

a year and half ago I ordered from e-pep pills and they sent me a pack of e-peps,doves ultra and rocket fuel(I think) and they all three did the same thing to me.Shitty poison feel ,heart palps,vascular restriction,extream paranoia and not a single ounce of feel good or euphoria..

It's well documented and talked about ,how bad am-hi-co products are.. I mean these are the same mother fuckers that were making ivory wave bath salt......

I've yet to this day been able to find out where am-hi-co is made...
Would bet my left nut they are made in China.. I can say with almost 99% certainty that they don't come from Amsterdam

03-25-2012, 04:09 AM
And LU groove/love pills from what I have heard and read about, are right on par in effects of am-hi-co pills which to me sounds like dmaa.But that's just speculation on my part..

03-25-2012, 04:29 AM
Yea the lu groove suck im done shame is i got a bunch they sent me extra cause it took them 2 months to ship the order

Yea in the beginning i thought all the pills were the same then found two i liked n stuck with them but now these are totally diff pills

Just wish i could find a company in the US. that was reliable n quivck like them i always get my package in 2 days