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11-12-2011, 02:18 PM
I Told a fellow friend raver I would give her a honest un biast account of the legal high nrg 3 which i tried with a friend tonight for the first time to sum it up 18+ hours later and im still going 2 of us well mullered on 1 gram of this stuff I'm not tired at all still off my face. With all the legal highs out there and this being the new one and little acual posting about the effects of it on these forums I thaught id advise you in detail of my night that started at 6pm friday till now and god knows when it will wear off !

It was off ebay for the well inexpensive ammount of: only 12.50 a gram with free postage and that was enough for 2 of us and I would imagine its cheaper still if u contact the seller and baught it in bulk

Hope this advises you well and helps you decide wether to try it or not compaired to the other numerous legal highs and illegal drugs and The best thing is it's pefectly legal in the UK to posess and deal and I recon u could puchase 10 grams for 10 or under a gram if buying it in bulk and sell it at a rave for 20+ a gram - thats over 100% profit if not more !

Dont be put off by people dissing these so called plant feeders. I think its comparable to any illegal drugs, cheaper and not cut down to hell like street drugs and the best bit is because its UK legal you could have kilos on you, get searched by the police and even if bagged up into deals and they couldn't do a damn thing about it (have you for intent to supply) as the law is on sat 12/11/11 in the UK. They would have to let you go without charge and give it you back. anyway heres my story enjoy :

Well it was devistating, I'm well inpressed with it. I danced round the room to hardcore music for hours. I had no sleep, was thinking about getting some sleep but it wasn't happening as im too off it still and it's 12.35pm the next day and im not remotely tired yet ! and - thats 18 and a half hours later on only half a gram each !

1 gram gave 2 of us a mind blowing night can deffinatly recomend this 1. I can compare it to a base/meow effect. I seems to come in a brown sticky powder real hard to line up as its not powdery enough to. I got lines in the end but they looked more sticky lumps in a line. I done half gram at hour or so intervals through the night. It was a a hyper mood - bass like buz with a exited tingling sensation of meow in comparison of effect - but I have been higher before on meow, when it was legal uncut 99% pure and first out - its as good as if not better than the meow you get now whether that's because i'm used to it and have built a tollerance I dont know. The effects seem to go on and on.... damn i cant ever remember meow lasting this long ever !

Initialy took a long time to come up about 10 mins after I snorted it the first line hurt my nose and made my eyes stream. I got a chemical taste after 5 minutes at the back of my throat but when the effect started 5 mins after that it just got better - A mate who like me is a regular recreational drug user didnt think something legal could fook you up so much. He was told by a dealer It was plant feeder and says not for human consumption on it and had the piss taken out of him and was told to try miracle grow lol. but its labeled like this is only to get round the legality of it in the UK - damn, try it on ya plants and I recon they'd die or sprout legs and start dancing to the music !

Its obvious its for snorting by humans. so if anyone takes the piss especialy normal drug dealers tell them to try it first before they jump to conclusions that it's crap because its legal. They are trying to sell there drugs so would tell you that to get you buying theres for double the price, cut with god knows what and a massive comedown also the risk of getting caught with it !

It compares to base in effect with a meow type tingling (if not better) It's perfectly legal to posess and sell in the UK, risk free, a damn site cheaper too - 1g we split exactly, snorting line 4 line at various intervals throghout the night and lasted till 8am. We baught a 12 pack of largers but didn't drink many so it would deffinatly save money for a cheap night out instead of drinking. It would also help you loose weight as you dont feel hungry at all whilst on it.

My verdict: 10 for value for money. 10 for talking in depth lol. Ill give it 9 for effect as i've had better on meow before it got banned but had some the other day 99% pure and was on par with it - and MDMA is another league.

it's is good for sex ? - I felt very tingley and recon a orgasm would blow u away but like most drugs you can't and you try but get a flop on and give up !.

I deffinatly would buy again - The money's still in my paypal account, he sent it me before the paypal payment was recieved by him and It was sent in the regular post and got here 2 days later (instead of main RC/ legal high websites that charge a extra 6.00+ for next day delivery) I recon could I do a rave from 10pm till 6am on half a gram and more on it - damn right and I intend to !

My night was brilliant and im wide awake didnt drink much alcohol and i never felt hungry and still dont !

Still like any drug I recon it could be dangerous if you got dehidrated and hot so please take a break and drink water on ocasion sips - sips only - at one point alot of water made me nausious and I was Ill slightly but after I felt better and carried on raving stright away I but was drinking larger too !

As a expierienced drug user heres my opinion:

Is it better than cocaine? - The effect last longer and is more intence, but no sleep.
Is it better than todays extacy - hell yes, judging it on recent pills i've had
Is it better than Meow? - It's on par with it and last longer
Is it better than MDMA? - No be serious !
Is it better than MDAI ? - don't even bother with this legal high its crap and stuff I had was nothing like MDMA and had little/no effect !
Is it better than nrg1 and nrg 2 - I don't know as I havnt tried either of them yet
Is it better than anphetamine/base? - I'm a basehead usualy I would say it has similar effects as in the energy, dry mouth and being wide awake
the effect was stronger and the comedown non existant !

I was sweating prefusely the whole night so I would advise taking a bottle of cheap deodorant saying that I was dancing hard and I sweat on most drugs anyway. I have no alcers yet like I get on base /meow.

Overal rating for cheapness, Accessibility, legal factor, and value for money and not having to mess around with street dealers whos drugs might be cut with anything, I gotta rate this 9 out of 10 It's as good as any illegal drug ive taken and half the price of base 1gram will quite easily take you and a mate through a rave and a few lines each to spare. If ya like the effect of talking deep sincere and indepth the other drugs give you - this does it too so can't be bad !

And it feels like quite a clean comedown is gonna happen too I started getting slightly blurry vision about 7-8am so did my last line and that sorted it out - better than 2 days knocked about acheing, feeling like shit and drained off the base - I will add to this thread if im wrong (I expect a bit of grief but I don't recon i'm gonna get any at all)

20+ hours later effect is still there slightly - some sleepers might help but doubt it's happening as im still wide awake. I can imagine it would make someone who was shy, outgoing and chatty and the guts to approach people and say hi. a effect I like when i'm on E's as it gives u the confidence you never had before.

Would deffinatly try it if you can handle your bass and if you liked meow, this is a good alternative to them both - and its UK legal !

on ebay is a quid cheaper than legal high shops selling it - It was deffinatly the real mccoy and 1st class normal post delivery in a letter free which saves the 6+ postage the legal high shops charge - so no fuss at all

11-13-2011, 03:32 PM
here i am 2 days later got to sleep after last night over a day later, was expecting a comedown but there was none! very inpressed.

11-14-2011, 03:14 AM
Yes NRG-3 is good a very nice high and you can sleep on it.
I've been using it quite a lot recently and found it one of the best RC's around,don't buy NRG-2 as it's no good in my opinion a waste of money!
Like your post of a night out on it,very good,hope you slept well & no comedown.

11-14-2011, 07:13 AM
hi pickledshrooms,

I looked on here before I baught anything, looking for a good one to try but theres so many to choose from some UK legal others not.

I liked them am-hi company diablos and there doves a few years back but they banned the one chemical in them. There still trying to sell them but instead of them being a hard red pill, there hollow with a powder in - no where near as good and a waste of time buying now.

nice one for the tip about nrg 2 ill be avoiding that one now otherwise I would of tried that too. any new ones I do try I will put a post on here similar to this giving my opinion on it.

I'm on about trying them benzo fury pellets or powder next - a friend of mine says the powder is better than the pellets and she compaired them to the original E's and rated it, so gotta give it a go.

The meow was good when it was legal but not now and I found with meow it gave you no comedown as such but for up to a week later It made you short tempered and niggly I was married at the time and we were both on it and after 6 months weekly use it had me getting addicted trying to chase the feeling so I was glad when it got made illegal as it stopped me long enough to sort my head out. I also found that long term use induced slight psycosis and memory loss and I heared so many wierd storys about people ripping there testicles off, jumping out of windows, setting fire to flats or ending up in jail or psyciatric units so figured it was time to quit - yes it was good but heroin addicts think there drug is good. everyone to there own drug of choice but when you cant stop thinking about getting it and are willing to do anything to feed your addiction and your morality goes - its time to quit

The secret is: be in control of the drug not the drug in control of you