View Full Version : Legal Highs shops in Staffordshire uk

mr shush
08-12-2011, 08:14 PM
Does anyone know if there is any?

Sorry if this isn't allowed

08-15-2011, 10:15 AM
I gave it a quick google and couldn't see any premises that you can go in to and buy stuff. I manage a bong shop in North Wales and have an online store, many shops do so you could always google online head shops. Hope that helps :)

08-15-2011, 06:22 PM
Yeah, head/bong shops are you best bet. Esp. if you don't like ordering online.

08-21-2011, 07:27 PM
no so much legal high shops but i know there is a place called hedonism in stoke that do some never purchased anything but know they do sell them its just outside the shopping centre hope this helps :)

08-26-2011, 11:56 AM
Most head shops sell legal highs to be honest. Heard of Hedonism but I'm not from that area.