View Full Version : Blue Kodo does not work.

07-11-2011, 10:52 AM
I'd like to warn anyone wanting to try this that it's absolutely rubbish. The only good thing about it is it smells nice, albeit a bit sickly, before you light it up. Plenty of other things smell nice and don't cost you a tenner for 3g.

It has absolutely no effect whatsoever and anyone who sells it and calls themselves a purveyor of legal highs should be ashamed of themselves. What's more, it tastes disgusting and burns your tongue, throat and lungs. Something that causes your tissues to revolt against it in that way can't be any less than harmful to you.

It tastes very much like the herbal cigarettes sold in health food shops except that it's much worse and has a far more unpleasant burning sensation.

Perhaps I'm naive for allowing myself to be burned, after all there's the usual manufacturer's warnings that it's not for human consumption and that it is incense. But they want you to think that the warning and description are legal requirements and that it's something you can smoke to get high. In short, they want to part you from your money and give you nothing in return

I wanted to try it and now I have. I knew it was a risk. Now I can tell everyone who wants to go down the same path, save your money and spend it on something that works. If someone takes heed and leaves it alone then my loss is not a total loss.

Thanks for reading.