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drugstore cowgirl
06-19-2011, 08:56 PM
hey all,

i am new here and have been having some trouble with finding people to share these experiences with in a way that works for me so here i am. if this post gets deleted, i tried.

i've had hit and miss experiences with this vendor and i feel like all the information is outdated so i am just going to try it myself and see what happens. if you have any input, let me know.

am-hi-co rocket fuel
large off-white oval pill with specks

6:00pm - my partner and i each popped half a pill about 45 mins after having dinner

6:45pm - both of us report feeling slightly speedy come up. im kinda surprised for it only being a half. what is in this? no noticeable increase in the way of music appreciation, focus or sociability but slight mood elevation. there has been some cpl tension in the house today and it suddenly feels lifted.

8:00pm - less speedy feeling now, contemplating taking another half. heart rate felt slightly fast but nothing unusual. so far, im not that impressed. thankfully these were free because what little has happened was not worth the hassle. meh.

8:10pm both decided to pop the other half. i have been smoking a personal herb blend slowly during the last hour and it has had positive effects on the speedy feelings. these always seem enhanced by having a small toke.

9:00pm - both feeling up and speedy but in a good way. taking a half of a pill (at least for this "brand") seems to be working for us. my partner is much chattier than he has been all day and the residual tension seems to have disappeared. both are working on graphic design stuff and focus seems slightly sharp for the task at hand. my heart rate is pretty high - 144 bpm - but i have come to expect that with this kind of thing, pupils slightly dilated, body temp 99.5, some jaw tension and very dry mouth. note - drink a lot of water. partner reports feeling "up, slightly stimulated in a good mood kinda a way." i agree.

11:00pm - comedown has ensued. i briefly entertained the idea of more but decided against it. nothing too terrible in the way of side effects to mention.

06-20-2011, 09:55 AM
Hey drugstore cowgirl welcome to the boards!!

Your experiance is about how I felt only with more of a poisning effect...
Can ask anyone here I'm avidly against anyone ingesting am-hi-co poising pills..
I have seriouslly come to the conclusion that am-hi-co is a chinese manufactur trying to kill us all..

06-20-2011, 11:01 AM
I personally had a good experience Am-hi-co's e pep. Was red and oval in shape. Took it on a full stomach and it took a while to hit, but the high lasted a good 5 hours. As I said it was just a half and it took a while for the full effects to come on.

Was not to full on but a nice mood lift thats for sure.

I did how ever feel slightly nausiated and mouth was very dry. A few beers seemed to help too :)