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06-11-2011, 06:31 AM
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06-11-2011, 07:51 AM
With my AM-Hi-Co order I got a free 500mg sample of Ocean-Burst bath salts, which I assume is the same as Ivory Wave et al.

I read all the horror stories, but also read several times over that if dosed sensibly it's pretty good. I couldn't resist.

I've done several small lines over the course of the night. It's now 3.30am. I haven't felt this euphoric since the good ole Summer Daze days of 2008. I've had a few beers too, and with several beers remaining I can probably get to sleep due to the alcohol, but I don't know if I will - this is highly addictive, and I may just do another line or two (I have nothing to do on Saturday) - I'm loving this feeling. Seriously, this is up there with LU Summer Daze....if not even better....(?), a high I've been looking for since the UK ban (which has made it impossible to get it to the US, even though it's still legal here).

Several small lines, over quite a few hours, I feel high, but not anything horrible - no ridiculous heart rate, no paranoia, no depression (yet...Hope all these things don't appear when I come down). Am I lucky? Is this really MDPV? Or should I prepare for a horrible experience when I sober up?

Again, I read so many horror stories. I hope I didn't make the same mistake as LU Heady Candy 3.1 a couple years ago - I read the horrible reports, but thought I was invincible, and I took all 3 pills in one night as that's when the BZP Free (BZP was illegal in the US) started to make their rounds, making me think they were ineffictive, like most legals at the time. Sadly, not only were they ineffective, I was also sick/paranoid/hallucinated for a good week or so. However, I hope I know what I'm doing here, I'm in control, albeit intoxicated from alcohol and euphoric from Ocean-Burst. Loving music, atm. At least tomorrow is Saturday, so if I don't go to sleep - (EDIT: which is looking very unlikely at 4am+), at least I have Saturday into Sunday to recover. (EDIT: It's 4am, I'll probably do one or two more small line.....so I doubt I'll sleep until at least/hopefully some time Saturday night). Way too moorish....)

Is Ocean-Burst really MDPV/Ivory Wave? Am I really screwed when I properly come down?

For what it's worth I have never done illegal, loved the LU Doves/Daze, but haven't found anything since the European ban.....I'm 23 years old, 5'11', 120 lbs.....

From what I read MDPV makes you psychotic while still under the influence (and there after).....since I'm well in control, do you think I'll be fine when the euphoric high ends?

It's soo euphoric. Music appreciation to the max! If the comedown isn't horrible, I'm so buying this product again. Here's hoping....?

For those who know, please let me know what I can expect, or tell me if I did get lucky from the above, or that from my aforementioned experience it's not MDVP, or how I can ride out an eventual come down.....

I've only had the ocean burst extreme, I didn't find the comedown all that bad, but I could still feel the affects about 3 days later. It was much nicer than the vanilla sky, which was pretty bad to come down off.

06-23-2011, 04:30 PM

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