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06-09-2011, 07:08 AM
As a complete novice I bought 3 blends and decided to trial Pineapple express first. Hope it's okay to share my review with the forum, as much for my own reference as for anyone who is interested...

Bit of background: we used to smoke real stuff up until around 12 months ago, we quit when our supply dried up. This was only for around 2 years so I know our opinion does not come from as seasoned a place as some. We smoked 1-2 times a week at home but never a huge amount. We always seemed to have enough effect from a small amount but the quality of that did vary depending on the source.

Upon opening the pack the texture is very similar to chopped up bud, green & fine with nothing in there that looks untoward. The blend is virtually scentless and when smoking there is little taste to it. I would say it catches in your throat on the inhale but it's the next day now and both my throat and chest feel fine.

We wanted to be safe and go easy so we mixed a ratio of 25% to 75% tobacco. (We worked out this would give you around 20 smokes from a 3g pack, 10 if you go half and half). Halfway down the smoke we started to feel the effects, I began feeling a little giggly, light headed & heavy limbed. Initially we felt our heartbeat accelerate (which gave us a less than pleasant panicked sensation but this went off quickly), hands and feet became cold. We were taken aback that there was any effect at all so were not disappointed that there seemed to be genuine effect from the blend.

During the course of the evening we had 3 smokes over 3 hours. I would say that during that time senses were heightened, train of thought was slightly random, the 2nd/3rd smoke were more mellow & chilled. Not as 'giggly' as I'd anticipated and music/TV were not especially enhanced. The physical effects were not dissimilar to the real stuff but mentally I felt far more in control. At the time and especially during the smoke I remember commenting that it felt strong and that was pleasant at the time. Now it's the next day I'd say it's worth checking out of curiosity but as a substitute or replacement for the real thing I'm not sure it cuts it.

During our experience the effects of the blend wore off quickly, I would say between 30-45 minutes. I slept fine and this morning I don't feel anything more than a little tired because it ended up being a late night. Overall I'd rate my 1st tentative experience with this blend at 6/10