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  1. Green Dot as a payment method
  2. study pill
  3. i am incredibly opiate sick
  4. fuck... you ever feel this way?
  5. Well its official
  6. California to decriminalize Mary J.
  7. From Thursday's UK Guardian paper...
  8. How to make 'Tablets'
  9. longest thread
  10. Addiction
  11. Detox kits
  12. Roller coasters and legals
  13. Returning to GBL?
  14. Ephedrine
  15. I love you guys.!
  16. Ask the Next person anything !!
  17. DrUGs or OraL sex ?? wich is better
  18. have you ever...
  19. a revisitation to my first time trying a stimulant...
  20. What buzz do you prefer?
  21. Rep or not to rep
  22. Observer reports UK Government's intention to ban Legal Highs
  23. UK's Daily Telegraph reports GBL death
  24. Calls for mmcat to be banned
  25. EBAY Giving ME shIT!
  26. another 2c-i experience
  27. Legit?
  28. New sections to fourm
  29. GBL should be banned within months', says Government chief advisor
  30. Diethyl Ether?
  31. Festivals
  32. Ecstasy several effects on kids
  33. Invite for fuckled?
  34. L-lysine-d-amphetamine
  35. What do you think about opening a shop in Romania?
  36. Rgshop inquiry
  37. love the bong? not the hassle?
  38. Stance on drugs as a kid?
  39. Rolling rolling rolling...
  40. Tamper-Proof Ziploc Bags
  41. read this, had to share
  42. Why not popular in the US?
  43. Closing of Forums?
  44. i always did say it's the government that murders ppl...
  45. Herbal and chemical treats for stimulant-induced insomnia
  46. The Rankings Game
  47. Meph and DXM interaction?
  48. search overload
  49. speed alternative
  50. Plans for the weekend?
  51. Iboga/Ibogaine eBooks, Movies, Articles
  52. Reccomend me some Digi's
  53. blends vs. not
  54. anniversary detox lol
  55. Smoke a blunt and laff !!
  56. Survey for E users: Personality, Harm-Reduction and Risk-taking Behaviours
  57. Cannabis Chemicals Stop Prostate Cancer
  58. Anti Energy Drinks
  59. Info needed on methedrone/mephedrone/methylone
  60. Champ closed/arrested - meph is going down
  61. Legal Highs Set to be Banned (UK)
  62. A Radical Solution to End the Drug War: LEGALIZE EVERYTHING
  63. War on drugs "has failed" - former Brazilian prezzy
  64. best high to make men and women horny please tell
  65. OMG, free time and snorting makes me a bad person :)
  66. ROFL! This guy dunno shit! "It's time for a U-turn on drugs"
  67. lines what size do you like?
  68. Help needed - Graphic Design
  69. you right now
  70. Metoprolol - betablocker help needed!
  72. Pills making a comeback thanks to meph
  73. ever gone bin hoking?
  74. Meph in my local paper
  75. Vasoconstriction and high BP
  76. Any1 want to help me with a bit of research?
  78. URGENT: Cetirizine(Zyrtec) as sedative - dosage
  79. Get out now!!
  80. Thanks to Legal Utopia
  81. 'Rape drugs in drink is urban myth'
  82. Tell the truth, get sacked! cannabis, ecstasy and LSD are less dangerous than alcohol
  83. Safe or scam referral
  84. Meow
  85. What? Where?
  86. BooZe On A BuDgEt !!!! ThAts RiGhT SaVe YoUr PeNnYs
  87. Smoking Valerian, Kava Kava, Passionflower, and Skullcap tomorrow
  88. Hong Kong girl dies after ketamine snorting contest
  89. Woman high on starbucks legal high ... ran over two students
  90. laudanum
  91. D.E.A & police drugs busts on ViDeO !
  92. wHaT yOu oN ?!?
  93. Another story about "bubbles" (meph) in my local paper
  94. OPIUM
  96. Heads shops open boxing day
  97. Chemical Wishlist
  98. Best Branding Name for Spice Alternate
  99. r*******ing-c*******.com scam?
  100. Salvia and meph all over local paper again
  101. Best Mephedrone rumours
  102. US waves white flag in disastrous 'war on drugs'
  103. Psychonaut Conference 2009 Reference
  106. MDPV Report
  107. Psychology research 'Getting high legally'
  108. K2 (Spice) burns up Mardi Gras in NOLA
  109. Drug use around Europe: the dangers, the truths, the norms
  110. mr meph or head candy
  111. Bringing spice/smoke through airports.
  112. party
  113. dammit, I'm awful needy.
  114. Research chemicals and Plants Feeder
  115. obvious thread alert:what drugs youve tried
  116. Doves Red and Ivory Wave .... ingredients?
  117. Ivory wave & ivory wave ultra
  118. how to mix caffeine and benzocaine
  119. cocaine and neo doves trios????
  120. mdpv opinions
  121. Legal high NRG-1 to be banned
  122. Need some advice...Confused
  123. louisiana cracking down
  124. What's mepherone?
  126. Ivory wave implicated in one death
  127. Help
  128. Clean Tripping: Non drug means of acheiving altered states
  129. The New Cannabinoids
  130. Exercise, Attention, Meditation
  131. A New/Old Treatment for Opiate Addiction
  132. NIH Turf Wars
  133. NIDA’s Avant-Garde Award Winners
  134. The Absolutely True Story of the LSD No-Hitter
  135. Is Dexter an Addict?
  136. Does Ketamine Cause Bladder Damage?
  137. Strong Pot: What Do Schizophrenics Think?
  138. Tracking Synthetic Highs
  139. Mephedrone, the New Drug in Town
  140. Codeine Blues: End of the Line for an Opiate with Issues
  141. Who Controls Addiction Research?
  142. Marijuana and Memory
  143. Anandamide Hits the “Hedonic Hot Spot.”
  144. Meet Sara Bellum
  145. When Presidents Smoke
  146. More Vanishing Cigarettes
  147. New Warning Labels for U.S. Cigarettes; Big Tobacco on the Rampage
  148. The Day After
  149. Drug-Drug Interactions to Watch Out For
  150. DEA Slaps Temporary Ban on Spice and Other “Fake Pot” Products
  151. Challenging the Received Wisdom on Tobacco Addiction
  152. World AIDS Day
  153. MAPS Sponsors Psychedelic Confab
  154. Cannabis and Severe Vomiting
  155. Era of the Electronic Cigarette Officially Begins.
  156. Marijuana Use Up, Up, Up
  157. Science Books for Christmas
  158. Dissociatives
  159. It's the Holiday Season--and That Means Alcohol
  160. Top Ten for 2010
  161. Poppy pods - Florists uk?
  162. Don't Forget: New Year's Eve is Amateur Night
  163. Alcohol at the Movies
  164. im new, advice on orange x-tra
  165. Everybody wants to be Keith Richards
  166. Marijuana and Testicular Cancer
  167. LHG down??
  168. Update on Smoking Bans Around the World
  169. Visual Cues and Addiction
  170. Personalizing Addiction Medicine
  171. Favourite Combinations
  172. Khat to the Chase
  173. Smoking and the Slave Trade
  174. aMT and an ambulance ride
  175. Drug Czar “Deeply Concerned” About Synthetic Stimulants
  176. “They’ll Drink Bucket Loads”
  177. Sign of the Times
  178. In The Mail...
  179. Drinking on Television
  180. What’s the Best Valentine’s Day Present of All?
  181. Love, Loss, and Addiction
  182. From NINA to NSNA: No Smokers Need Apply
  183. Smoking and Adolescent Attention Deficit
  184. Spice, K2, Other “Fake Pot” Illegal as of March 1
  185. Seeking a Patch or a Pill for Pot
  186. NIDA on Drugs, Brain, and Behavior
  187. Treadmill Rehab
  188. 6apb legal status-Spain
  189. The “Broken Bone” Model of Addiction Treatment
  190. The Ghost in the Receptor.
  191. A River of Rage and Redemption
  192. Drug Use in the Classroom
  193. LSD Flashbacks
  194. New Addiction/Recovery Web Site
  195. When Smokers Move
  196. Marijuana, Vomiting, and Hot Baths
  197. Drug Czar Kerlikowske Interviewed in Foreign Policy Magazine
  198. Medical Cigarettes
  199. So, Like, We’re Watching the LSD Episode of The Fringe...
  200. Let’s Get Cellular: Meth Metabolism
  201. Are E-Cigarettes a Good Idea or a Bad Idea?
  202. Addiction in the Courtroom [Guest Post]
  203. Falling Down and Getting Up: Nic Sheff’s New Addiction Book
  204. Does Menthol Really Matter?
  205. Bill Manville’s Booze Book
  206. An Assortment of Drug-Related Articles
  207. End the war on drugs petition
  208. Steve Earle and the Ghost of Hank Williams
  209. Dimethocaine Legal In NZ?
  210. For Smokers, Nowhere to Run and Nowhere to Hide
  211. Why are Treatment Centers Afraid of Anti-Craving Medications?
  212. How the Drug War Ended
  213. Bills signed into law mark the end of US access?
  214. That Pesky Gambling Question
  215. ~~~ INSIDE opium dens ~~~~~
  216. Other Posts, Other Places
  218. Independence Day
  219. The Undiagnosed Epidemic of Incarceration
  220. Teachable Moments in the Life of a Cigarette Smoker
  221. Alcoholic Deception
  222. There’s No Agreement on DUIC: Driving Under the Influence of Cannabis
  223. Vendor sub-fourm
  224. An Interview With Research Psychologist Vaughan Bell
  225. Phenazepam to be banned
  226. Drug Links, Various
  227. Amy Winehouse Dies at 27
  228. Essay: The Genuine Drug War is in Biomedicine
  229. On Harm Reduction and Metabolic Chauvinism
  230. Missing Salts
  231. FROM THE ARCHIVES: Sex, Drugs, and… Sex
  232. Is Addiction Deductible?
  233. Cigarette Sadness
  234. The Original Magic Bus: A Preview
  235. Common Field Test for Marijuana is Unreliable, Critics Say
  236. Help! Where to find Salts in Tahoe area!
  237. What Does Harm Reduction Mean?
  238. customs view on bath salts
  239. Bonsais Best - Premium Bonsai Fertilizer???
  240. 7 Myths the Alcohol Industry Wants You to Believe
  241. Intense CEV Combo
  242. Is Shoplifting the Opiate of the Masses?
  243. Addiction Specialist Kicks of A3 Academy in L.A.
  244. On Chemical Imbalances in the Brain
  245. Website's Credibility
  246. The Strange and Secret Keeley Cure for Addiction
  247. General Bath Salt Discussion
  248. What Do We Mean When We Talk About Craving?
  249. The Saga of Phen-Fen
  250. An Interview with Pharmacologist David Kroll